About Us

St. John Lutheran Children’s Center is a preschool program owned and operated by St. John Lutheran Church. The preschool now in its nineteenth year a week after two and three day…classes offers a high quality, Christ centered program for children ages three to five. Our school is staffed by strong Christian women who work hard to provide exciting educational experiences in a loving caring environment. We are licensed by the State of Michigan, offering teacher/child ratios well below the state standards. Our program allows children to progress at their own pace all while focusing on math, language, fine motor and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, and much more. God is at the center of our day. We teach our students to love God, the creator of the world; that Jesus was born on Christmas, taught us how to care for, forgive, and love each other; died on the cross to take away our sins and rose again on Easter Sunday. The children will also learn many of the stories in the Bible, sing Christian songs, attend chapel twice a month with Pastor, and get ample opportunities to be like Jesus as they interact with other students in the program.